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Indo-Jazz Fusions & the music of John Mayer
renowned throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's for his pioneering musical fusions
of Indian and Jazz music.

see also Various Artists recordings of John Mayer compositions

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FMR CD86 0601

1. Pahla Sangeet (John Mayer)
2. Yatri (the traveller) (Stan Sulzmann)
3. Ektal (Carlos Lopez Real)
4. Kopanitsa Tala (Jonathan Mayer)
5. Anton B in Poonamallee (John Mayer)
6. Indigo (David Murphy)
7. Jyoti (Carlos Lopez Real)
8. Mela Kiravani (John Mayer)
9. J.C Sangeet (Jonathan Mayer / Carlos Lopez Real)

John Mayer - violin / tampura
Jonathan Mayer - sitar / tampura
Harjinda Matharu - tabla / tabla bols
James McDowell - flute
Carlos Lopez-Real - alto / soprano saxophone / tampura
David Smith - trumpet / flugelhorn
Simon Colam - piano
David Foster - bass / electric bass
Andrew Bratt - drums / ghatam

recorded at Gateway Studios. 25-26th March 2001
released on FMR Records
the CD was partly sponsored by the Birmingham Conservatoire

Includes an original Stan Sulzmann composition for the Indo-Jazz Fusions. In four decades of journalism 'adorable' is a word I have never used. Why use it now? Mayer nurtures new talent in a way that is remarkable for someone of his seniority. As this gig showed, he is so encouraging and ego-free as to be adorable. Mayer is remarkable, musically relevant and adorably rejuvenating.
Ken Hunt

' I N J A '

 I N J A

FMR CD69 V0400

1. Bhairavi (David Murphy)
2. I.N.J.A. (Kenny Wheeler)
3. Khamaj (Steve Tromans)
4. BirthOf Bharata (Jonathan Mayer)
5. Ganga Ma (John Mayer)
6. Vasant - Mukhari (John Mayer)
7. Bandish (John Mayer)
8. Gaud - Sarang (John Mayer)
9. Subject (John Mayer / Joe Harriott)
10.Aka Raga (John Mayer)

John Mayer - violin / viola / tampura / keyboards
Jonathan Mayer - sitar / electro-acoustic sitar
Harjinda Matharu - tabla
James McDowell - flute / alto flute
Carlos Lopez-Real - alto saxophone / tampura
David Smith - trumpet / flugelhorn
Simon Colam - piano
David Foster - bass
Andrew Bratt - drums / ghatam

recorded 10th March 2000
released on FMR Records
the CD was partly sponsored by the Birmingham Conservatoire. Includes an original Kenny Wheeler composition for the Indo-Jazz Fusions and debuts saxophonist Carlos Lopez-Real.

"With the forming of this new band my aspirations of the past have now been fulfilled..." John Mayer.



NI 5569

1. Chhota Mitha (John Mayer)
2. Partita (John Mayer)
3. Dance of the Pisachas (Jonathan Mayer)
4. Multani (John Mayer)
5. Miyan ki Malhar (Steve Tromans)
6. Serenade (John Mayer) 7. Bengal Blues (John Mayer)
8. Prayoga (John Mayer)

John Mayer - violin
Jonathan Mayer - sitar
Harjinda Matharu - tabla
James McDowell - flute
Anna Brooks - saxophone
David Smith - trumpet / flugelhorn
Steve Tromans - piano
Chris Featonby - bass
Andrew Bratt - drums
Richard Young - percussion

recorded by Nimbus Records 1998

"The new blood captures an Indian flow of ideas, melodic and metrical .. the joy at having Mayer back and, with his son Jonathan on sitar, is immeasurable."
"..it is a thoroughly satisfying blen of ingredients into something genuinely new, original and forward looking."
Alyn Shipton.


Asian Airs

" With its first batch of pressings already sold out, this release heralds a welcome revival of John Mayer's great crossover band of the 1960's and early 70's. ...the sound is bouncy, exuberant and totally life enhancing..." Birmingham Post.
"..Asian Airs leaves the listener eager to hear the next chapter in the journey.." Sunday Times.

released on Nimbus Records 1997
also available from the Tunes Network

Joe Harriott and John Mayer Double Quintet

Indo-Jazz Fusions 1&2Indo-Jazz Fusions 1 & 2

538 048-2

1. Partita
2. Multani
3. Gana
4. Acka Raga
5. Subject
6. Raga Piloo
7. "Song" Before "Sunrise"
8. Purvi Variations
9. Mishra Blues

Joe Harriott - sitar
John Mayer - violin, harpsichord, (composer/director)
Shake Keane - trumpet, flugelhorn
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Taylor - flute
Pat Smythe - piano
Coleridge Goode - bass
Alan Ganley - drums
Diwan Motihar - sitar
Chandrahas Paigankar - tambura
Keshav Sathe - tabla

origianl recording 1967/68, re-issued on Redial Records (Polygram) 1998

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or from 'M' archive in the Verve Records back catalogue.

other John Mayer compositions

John Mayer

Raga Music for solo Clarinet (pub. Legrick 1957)
Flute Concerto
Sri Krishnav
Violin Concerto
Prabhanda for Cello and Piano
Shivanataraj - Symphonic Dances
Six Ragamalas for Cello and Piano
Dance suite for Clarinet and Piano (pub. Lopez Edition) from the CD -
This The Green Tide (1995. Chantry Records.)
Calcutta Naga for solo Piano
Shehnai Awaz for Oboe, Tanpura and Orchestra
Trimurti for Flute, Tanpura and Piano
Sangit for solo Violin
Sarasvati for Flute, Cello and Piano
Jatiswaram for Violin and Piano
Music for 'The Jungle Book'. recorded 1995 for BBC Radio play (available on the BBC Collection).

Vinyl releases (EMI Lansdowne Series)
1966. Indo-Jazz Suite : Joe Harriott/John Mayer
1967. Indo-Jazz Fusions I : Joe Harriott/John Mayer
1968. Indo-jazz Fusions II : Joe Harriott/John Mayer

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