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Various Artists recordings of John Mayer compositions

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modern ensemble

released 2003
'Modern Ensemble'
A fuison of modern orchestral, Jazz and Eastern influences
Eastern Sky, Dancing Raindrops, Mad Monsoon, Camels, Warm Wind, Changes

released by Bruton Records. (BRP23)
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6 pieces composed by John Mayer and played by various members of the Indo Jazz Fusions as part of a selection of library music available only through ZPM.
Note : this recording is only available to media industry professionals. See ZPM website for full details.

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released 2002
'Prabhanda & Ragamalas'
Rohan de Saram - cello, Druvi de Saram - piano, John Mayer - tampura

Prabhanda parts 1 - 8. Ragamal parts 1 - 6
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released by EML Records. (CD EML 043)
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Originally released in 1983 on cassette, this album consists of two compositions by the Calcutta-born composer and violinist, John Mayer, the single greatest trail-blazer of East-West fusion music ever to have operated out of Great Britian. The reissue is well overdue. Indian diaspora music began with John Mayer. He was the first composer to take on East-West composition. Unlike such well-intentioned fellows as Holst whose compositions dwelt in the realms of orientalism and exotic philosophy, Mayer had lived the life in calcutta and had an intuitive understanding of music as a philosophical and a pragmatic art. By 1952 he had published, for example, his 'Raga Music for Solo Clarinet'. He wasn't theorising about East-West fusion, he had done it and had copyright symbols all across it years before Menuhin-Shankar, Shakti et al! Both compositions here transpose Hidustani templates to Western instrumentation. Both'Prabhanda' (a cluster or suite of compositions) for cello, piano and tanpura and 'Six Ragamalas' (a ragamala being a 'garland of ragas') for cello and tanpura are sheer delights. Go to Skeet Music, 44 Challacombe, Furzton, Milton Keynes, MK4 1DP or www.skeetmusic.com for further information.
Ken Hunt

click to play the bombay jazz palace

released 2001
'The Bombay Jazz Palace '
14 Indo Jazz Classics by various artists

Includes a version of Acka Raga performed by 'Shocking Blue'.
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released by Outcaste records
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mint royale - from rusholme with love

a 1999 release featured on TV and radio
Mint Royale -
'From Rusholme With Love'

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CD single contains samples from Acka Raga performed by John Mayer
taken from the album 'Indo-Jazz Fusions'
see Faith & Hope Records website for more information
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' Prabhanda '
Timothy Gill - cello & Fali Pavri - piano perform John Mayer's composition

Rubbra: Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor Op. 60
Britten: Sonata for Cello and Piano in C Op. 65
Mayer: Prabhanda (for Cello and Piano) Calcutta-Nagar (for solo Piano)

released on Guild Music

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